A fast plot and full scale action, an adventure novel will take you for a ride of spoils and spills.

Take on the challenges of bringing justice where there is none, travel in time to experience life as a common soldier, go on a quest for the greater good of humanity – there’s so much to love about adventure fiction. Go forth…

Contemporary Adventure

A mission or a quest, these stories pack a punch! Be swept up in a high-octane adventure of survival and intrigue. There'll be tension and drama, spy-craft and street fights, plot twists and red herrings, and along the way the potential for a little romance.

Historical Adventure

Go on an adventurous journey without leaving your home! March in a Roman legion, sail with pirates, escape with a gang of bushrangers, or take the oar on a Viking long-ship... You'll be transported through the pages of a Historical Adventure novel.


The future imaginings of creative minds of the 19th century - that's what Steampunk is all about! Rollicking adventures of airships and strange mechanics, all blended with a touch of magic and a whole lot of mad science - what's not to love?! 

Adventure Fiction – New Titles

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