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Books We Love

19 May 2020

Mary's mystery picks

My reading preference is very much mysteries. I avoid thrillers which tend to have too much gore and terror for me.

15 May 2020

Piri's favourites

My reading range is quite wide and dependent on the readability of the writer's narration. In my youth, the series "Condor Trilogy" was a favourite - they are historical fantasy fictions full of adventures and mind-playing. It once was called "unofficial textbook" among youngsters. Also, later on I read lots of non-fiction about personal growth/psychology. Thanks to the digital era, I am able to access my local library back in Taiwan to read ebooks in Mandarin.

14 May 2020

Mel's non-fiction list

I am not a prolific fiction reader, unlike many of our library folk preferring to read non-fiction which I love for its direct, informative and often no-nonsense style. I will, however, read an occasional fiction title if it has an origin in food, travel or explores the grittiness of everyday relationships.  The following list contains a few gems that I have found since working at Nelson Public Libraries... 

7 May 2020

Ros here

When I was a child, my mother worried that I only read books on horses. She need not have worried as we now know, getting a child into reading can be very dependent on the child’s interest in the subject matter.

5 May 2020

Sharmaine's reading

When I was young, I was the child who tore through books, including series such as the Narnia series, Anne of Green Gables and Emily of New Moon, Wild Magic by Tamora Pierce, Goosebumps and Animorphs. I particularly liked to immerse myself into series of books that seemed to just go on and on, so I would never (in theory) have to emerge from them. I hated starting a book, engaging with a unique world and then having to leave it too soon – and I hated reading the last book of a series. While Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan was my favourite series as a teenager, I put off reading the final three books for years.

1 May 2020

Katie's favourites

My childhood was full of the tales of the Brothers Grimm, and the Chronicles of Narnia. Dark tales and light humour, these books provided a wonderful mix of absurdity and terror in almost equal measure. These days my reading is eclectic, poetry, graphic novels, and non-fiction, thread their way between re-readings of Jane Austen and random picks from our Recently Returned shelves.

30 Apr 2020

Lucy’s picks

I read a range of fiction but have a special fondness for rock-em sock-em space operas, antihero gangsters, magical realism, memoirs, and emotionally tortured, substance dependent private eyes.

22 Apr 2020

Introducing Dan

I am the Fiction Librarian here at NPL and I read quite broadly. I enjoy everything from exquisite modern Literary Fiction to tense and mind-bending Psychological Thrillers. I have always been a long-time reader of Speculative Fiction and enjoy the flawed characters and grimy action of Grimdark Fantasy, the thrilling journeys extensive arcs of Space Opera, plus I looove to read well written, inventive, and spine-chilling Horror Fiction – the creepy-as stories that linger in your mind for years to come are a wondrous thing!