Books We Love - Staff Picks

3 Jul 2020

Michelle's best

Every decade of my life has unearthed favourites and crushes on certain genres and styles that change over time as life experiences influence my taste e.g. Rachel Carson's 'Silent Spring' in the 70's was my big favourite, and feminist literature or anything that questioned the status quo, then in the 80's; parenting books!

24 Jun 2020

Laura's 6 favourites

I read a broad range of fiction and non-fiction though I have a penchant for crime novels – especially ones with a damaged detective who saves the day despite his failings as a human on almost all other counts.

19 Jun 2020

Debbie's picks

I’m Debbie and I’ve worked at Nelson Public Libraries for four years. I enjoy books about people – emotional reads and I might just admit to being a fan of that much maligned genre Chick-lit.

19 Jun 2020

Nicola's picks

When I was about 9 or 10 I used to hide behind an armchair in the living room and find a good book to read from my parents bookshelf.

19 Jun 2020

Clare's picks

I’ve always read lots of books, I guess I like escaping into another world without having to physically go anywhere! It started with The Faraway Tree, The Magicians Nephew, Little Women, and Little House on the Prairie and went on from there! Books that I have loved more recently are:

18 Jun 2020

Jillian's picks

I am old fashioned enough to enjoy a well-written heartbreaker story as well as a good suspense mystery….but….no gory explicit rants please. I love books that paint a picture of the times such as the war time; early twenties when fashion for the “well-to-do” was simple lines and elegant; just far enough into the past that reality is seen as just beyond the horizon. My favourite authors are JD Robb, Nora Roberts, Amanda Quick, Jayne Ann Krentz; Kerry Greenwood, Katie Flynn, Nadine Dorries and Linda Howard. My favourite reads over this lockdown period have been:

18 Jun 2020

Duncan's picks

I have been working at Elmer Turner Library for the past 5 months as a Safety Officer; which also includes Library Assistant duties. Most of my reading tends to fall into two camps; what I think of as "Lollie" reading which is mostly mystery/murder mystery/magical fiction and science-based interest books and magazines, mainly on health/diet, meditation, climate change, evolution, geology etc. Books I have read over the past month include the following:-

18 Jun 2020

Kate's picks

Until recently I worked in a University Library, so I have a penchant for non-fiction. However, since joining Nelson Public Libraries and seeing all the great fiction pass by under my nose, I have to try and up my fiction game! These are some of my favourite titles from my bookshelf, representing the types of books I love.

15 Jun 2020

Vicky's top 5

Hi, my name is Vicky and I have been working at the Nelson Public Libraries for over 10 years, time has flown! I have always loved books, not a prerequisite for the job, but it certainly feels like being a kid in a candy store for us when we are at work!

19 May 2020

Mary's mystery picks

My reading preference is very much mysteries. I avoid thrillers which tend to have too much gore and terror for me.