Crime and mystery

From dark psychological thrillers to light and cosy village mysteries, in these lists you’ll find authors that spin satisfying webs of intrigue, taking you on complex, visceral, and sinister ride. You'll be held in their sway for some enthralling, intriguing whodunits as the plots unfold, the dead-ends mount up, and the suspense builds and builds.

Psychological Thrillers

Packed with suspense and intensifying as it goes, the Psychological Thriller explores the dark nature of the human mind. The characters are flawed and often unreliable narrators and we get a front-row-seat to the manipulations and motivations. Start for the set-up, stay for the twist! 

Forensics and Detectives

Deep science and detective nous to track down killers - that's at the heart of these titles. A criminal psychologist or a forensic scientist will team up with police detectives to solve cases against the ticking clock. These books and authors will take you on a complex, visceral, and sinister ride. You'll be held in their sway as the plots unfold, the dead-ends mount up, and the suspense builds and builds.

Cosy Crime

Cake, tea, and... death?! Cosy Crimes are gentle reads with little blood or violence and often set in small communities with unlikely detectives. You'll explore the mischievous underbelly of village life while an unlikely hero or a calm detective undertakes solving the case. Oh, and yes there will be cake...

Spies and Political Thrillers

Politics is a dangerous business and these thrilling adventures of unwitting parties becoming embroiled in the ins-and-outs of governmental secrecy and manipulation are the perfect way in to explore the slippery slopes of political life.

Historical Mysteries

The riches of history and all of the culture, language, and manners of times gone by - with the added bonus of a good mystery to solve! These books and authors will thrill you with their attention to period details and historic figures and events, as their agents and detectives get hands-on in history. 

If you like... Lee Child

A tough and resourceful hero with a highly developed sense of justice - that's the Lee Child formula - and it's great! This list of books and authors offers you similarly driven, self-reliant characters, and explosive stories loaded with action, integrity, and payback.

Women Crime Writers

From Agatha Christie to Gillian Flynn, women writers have always excelled at producing binge-worthy, page-turning mystery stories. In this list you'll find the whole spectrum of crime writing; from cosy village mysteries and golden age detectives, to the unreliable narrators and broken personalities of modern Psychological Thriller intensity.

Modern Whodunits

Mysteries for our times packed with twisting turns, red herrings, and shock surprises. A private investigator or an unlikely sleuth, these crimes are realistic, the characters are flawed, and these books and authors have something for every lover of Mystery Fiction.

The Scandinavian Crime Scene

Dark, gritty, and confronting... these police procedurals and detective thrillers are full of bleak, uncompromising landscapes and morally complex social and political issues. Always featuring interesting and troubled characters struggling with dark pasts, they navigate tough decisions to solve grisly cold cases and gruesome killing sprees.

Crime and Mystery – New Titles

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