The High Fantasy of wizards and elves, the swords and skullduggery of Grimdark, sexy-as vampires, or the grimy and unpredictable streets of Urban Fantasy – be carried away into wide world of wonderment, action, and magic with these authors’ stories.

Paranormal Romance

Paranormal beings, fantastical worlds, and the heady rush of romantic entanglement – this is a lustful list of fantasy romance books and authors that are big on the darker and more supernatural nature of love. Love bites!

Epic and High Fantasy

Sweeping and complex, these fantastical tales bring together a large cast from the worlds of wizards, elves, men, and many other extraordinary creatures. There's quests and politics, empires and conquests, heroes and villains, and above it all the struggle to do good in the face of unspeakable and reckless evil. Many of these titles are first in a (usually lengthy) series too!

Urban Fantasy

Fusing reality with the other-worldly, these stories will have you seeing our own world with different eyes. There's mysteries and adventures, and a bleakness to the settings, and over it all an amazingly creative outlook into the layers of our society - you never know what you'll discover around the next street corner!

The New Weird

All of the themes of Sci-Fi, Horror, and Fantasy collide in this newly created subgenre! All the usual rules are out the window and these authors are expertly crafting new and graphically imaginative worlds in which to set their stories. These are books at the forefront of the evolution of Fiction, books that break conventions and experiment with what can be done with printed storytelling.


In the world of Grimdark, nobody is safe, particularly that character that you know and love so well! This is Fantasy Fiction in the muck and blood, harsh battles, misguided and flawed characters, and a conversational language that leans towards the obscene. It's brutal and dirty and you'll be swept away by its pacey plot-lines and enjoying the dubious and dangerous exploits of the antiheroes. But remember... things change quickly in a Grimdark Fantasy!

If you like... Douglas Adams

The undisputed King of Humourous Fantasy and Sci-Fi is sadly no longer with us - so what to read now...?? Here's a list of books and authors that are lightly silly, lovingly absurd, and superlatively clever... just like the King!

Fantasy Fiction – New Titles

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