General Fiction

The realism and morals of modern life is explored by the best writers of our times - and times past. You’ll find a lot of major award winners within these lists and meaningful stories that will stay with you for a lifetime.


Elegantly crafted fiction and life-changing masterpieces, the offerings from these classic authors stand the test of time.

Contemporary Fiction

The best writers of our times writing stories that ring true to real life. You'll love their take on what it is to live with the human condition, navigate fraught relationships, and strive to thrive in modern times. You'll find a lot of award winners in this list...

If you like... Kate Atkinson

With her superb prose and talent for creating thrilling storylines, it's little wonder we all love Kate Atkinson so much! Her stories seamlessly blend literary narrative with gripping suspense and are complex, vividly atmospheric, moving, and deeply suspenseful. If you like her style and are keen for more genre-busting reads full of eccentric characters and perfect plot twists, then these authors' titles are a great place to start. 

If you like... Jodi Picoult

Centred on relationships and big life issues, Jodi Picoult’s stories deliver an insiders experience into conflict and the struggles of modern life through the journeys of sympathetic characters. You’ll go on an emotional rollercoaster through her straightforward writing and will relish the inevitable twist in the tail. Contemporary women’s fiction with some depth.

Cult Classics

The modern classic books that stand the test of time, penned by authors who have achieved the status of “literary rock star”. Find out why…

Women's Voices

The best writers of our times telling contemporary stories from the more literary perspective. Great writing and serious depth - this is modern life told without flinching, the concerns of life for modern women, and no apologies in the delivery.

Up Lit

Looking for some feel-good fiction? There may be some bumps along the way, but Up Lit offers life-affirming stories filled with joy, kindness, humour, heroism, hope, empathy, compassion, and love.

Chick Lit

A warm, romantic and easy-going affair, or a hilarious roller coaster ride of drama. You will find more depth to Chick Lit than you expected. The best of contemporary storytelling, often dealing with modern themes and trends, these authors are always entertaining.

General Fiction – New Titles

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