Historical Fiction

Be transported to ages past within these lists. Enjoy the pomp and ceremony of the richest courts, get dusty and bloody on the frontier, and see first-hand the horrors of war. Whatever your preferred era there’s a book for you right here within these lists…


Passionate love affairs, political intrigue, murder and betrayal, and all the pomp and ceremony you could wish for - welcome to Royalty! These stories are set in lush palaces, feature prominent historical figures, and excel at deceit and scandal.

Gritty Historical Fiction

Stories of pioneering into the wilderness, of shipwreck and survival, all of the perils of historical life with none of the privilege. There's no free ride for these characters as they traverse the world and make history. If you like your Historical Fiction with a bit of dirt under the fingernails then this list is for you!

Historical Sagas

Be transported and become an eyewitness to lush settings, troubled times, and historic tumult. Watch the fates of nations come and go, kings and queens made and forgotten, and wars waged over love and honour. 

War Stories

Duty, honour, mateship, and the nature of man tested under extreme pressure. These themes and more are locked in the pages of a good war story. The bonds of friendship and the traumas of witness are all explored within these titles, many award-winning, and all of them poignant and important observations. 

Historical Mysteries

The riches of history and all of the culture, language, and manners of times gone by - all wrapped up with a good mystery to solve! These authors will thrill you with their period details and attention to historic figures and events, as their agents and detectives get hands-on in history. 

Historical Fiction – New Titles

All the latest titles in Historical Fiction at Nelson Public Libraries.