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Levi's war follows on from The keeper of secrets and Rachel's legacy, tracing the story of the eldest Horowitz son, Levi. Levi is smuggled out of Berlin to London the day after the Kristallnacht in 1938, but he makes the momentous decision to be parachuted back into Germany in late 1940, where he becomes a trusted confidant to the Fuhrer and top Nazi officials. When he has to flee Germany a second time, he travels to Italy where he fights as a Partisan, and plays a crucial role in saving the Jews of Assisi.

 "A bullet train of a thriller. The Day of the Jackal for the twenty-first century.' - A.J. Finn - " This novel is indeed missing several things, including a believable plot and even the remotest sense of narrative tension." - Rachel Cooke, The Guardian.  You decide.

The Love That I Have is a delicately written novel about Margot Baumann, a young German woman working in the mailroom of Sachsenhausen concentration camp near Berlin in 1944.

The 6th in Kepler's Joona Linna series: Ex-detective Linna is serving time in a high-security prison, when he is asked to help track down the vicious killer known as The Rabbit Hunter before he strikes again.
"A pleasantly sweet tale about true love, fate, and family". "Readers looking for a feel-good story with a little bit of enchantment sprinkled in will eat this one up" - Kirkus reviews.
1940, Estella is forced to flee France and arrives in Manhattan with her sewing machine and a dream.  Seventy-five year's later her granddaughter learns more about Estella's past,
Third in the DS Nathan Cody series: A supposedly 'normal' couple are living a 'normal' life bringing up their young daughter Daisy, but nothing is as it seems!
A frank look at cyber-bullying and its awful consequences.  Having her son and daughter at 21 forced Lucy to walk away from a glittering future, and she is determined they will have all the opportunities she missed out on.  But a scholarship to a prestigious school becomes a nightmare for Lucy's daughter.
The 2nd Gemma Woodstock novel after Bailey's debut The dark lake.  Gemma has moved away from the country and is now in Melbourne, finding it hard to adjust and finding murders to solve!
Violet can take no more of her brutal stepfather's attentions, so when he meets a tragic end she feels justice has been done. She joins a coterie of women determined to win justice for the abused.


A humorous memoir detailing the journey of two olive growers on the Kapiti Coast who develop a commercially successful olive oil farm from scratch without any previous experience. A thoroughly readable case study on how to make lifestyle farming viable.

The national campaign to stop the government raising the spectacular Lake Manapouri for a hydro dam in the 1960s is credited for awakening environmental awareness in New Zealand.Today we face more issues than before - the author, an environmental historian argues that we need cultural shifts if we want to live up to the 'clean, green' image constructed for this country.

A survey of all the ways humans seek to alter their state of consciousness. Some examples include Virtual reality, TM, self-hypnosis,fervent prayer and music amongst many others

 A look through conflicting advice on feeding a child in the first 2 years of life. It lays out essential nutrition and the ways of feeding children at each stage plus strategies for fussy eaters and eager eaters.
58d88d9b 08d6 4004 ab8d 3cf3f61cc8d0 A series of essays discussing dirt and its place in philosophy and culture. A learned and witty study arguing that questions of dirt and soiling can't be reduced to hygiene or pollution but are part of every human activity.
The author, a physician  discusses the biological and emotional factors of aging and outlines the practical aspects of planning for death. Another physician through her expertise in palliative care and cognitive behavior therapy, shares stories from a lifetime of caring for the dying. The book ends with a template for writing a last letter to loved ones...
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A charmingly illustrated sketchbook and travel guide for Francophiles. This joyful picturebook for adults  also lists the names of the watercolours used and tips on where to buy the best ice cream or sandals amongst other useful information.Anyone who has strolled the Promenade in Nice or loves the romance and history of the Riviera will enjoy this book.

  A comprehensive look at the role of gender and clothing in the workplace--and proves that there's no single way to dress like a woman. It's a fascinating look at this topic with the addition of three hundred portraits of women at work during the last century.
A beautifully illustrated chronological survey highlighting the most important books around the globe from illuminated manuscripts up to digital works published today. It demonstrates how the power of the written word has shaped and even revolutionised the world.
7781c501 cccf 458e b20e 4334708057b6  Established in 1930, the gulag was a vast, brutal network of prison camps kept secret from the general population, in which millions of Soviet citizens were imprisoned or killed. Touching on the various populations of the camps, from the victims of Stalin's terror to later anti-Soviet dissidents, Gessen's brief essays focus on contemporary physical markers of the gulag - the symbolic manifestations of how people choose to remember, or not remember, what happened.

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