27 Aug 2018

Eye of the Songbird by Michael Munro

Sadie Rosenberg is hanging down a crevasse in Antarctica, refusing to cut free her friend Bill who is hanging beneath her, making it impossible for another friend, Sean Tomasin, to haul her to safety. Sadie and Sean, and a large Antarctic diamond in their possession, are saved by another geology team headed by Kirk Barnby – Bill and two others of Sadie’s group perish. Is Sadie “A protestor, political lobbyist, a greeny activist, an internet whistle-blower, internet pirate, a low-level diamond thief … diamond smuggler … terrorist”?, is she even Sadie Rosenberg? And who is Kirk - a geologist, a soldier, a government agent? And whose side is Sean on?

20 Aug 2018

The Quaker by Liam McIlvanney

‘The Quaker’ is the nickname given to a serial killer who has taken three female lives, ruined families, stymied the police, and terrorised a city. The city in question is the “disintegrating city” of Glasgow in the late 1960s, and the prevailing culture of male prejudice, misogyny and corruption has been complicit in ‘The Quaker’ getting away with his crimes.

7 Aug 2018

Caroline's Bikini by Kirsty Gunn

Emily Stuart is a writer patching her various writing jobs together to make a living in London. Evan Gordonston is her childhood friend whose family ended up living in the States. When Evan moves back to London, a friend of Emily’s suggests lodging for Evan, he meets his new landlady. And – BANG!

6 Aug 2018

This Mortal Boy by Fiona Kidman

Albert Black has been accused of murder, and the death penalty stands, “Will goodness and mercy prevail?” - alas no, not in 1950s New Zealand, not with the shadow of the Second World War affecting how politicians make decisions, and not with the prejudicial Mazengarb Report being delivered to every household in the country, spreading moral panic.