17 Jul 2018

The Second Grave by Ian Austin

Dan Calder is settled in New Zealand after his hectic time in The agency, the first in the Dan Calder trilogy. He has settled down with Tara Danes (from The agency) and they have adopted a dog, Jet. Dan is doing contract work for the Police and all is calm, until he gets a call from his old mate Nick Hetherington. Then Dan flies back to the UK to help Nick, whose daughter, Amber, has been arrested and accused of unlawful killing, possibly murder.

10 Jul 2018

Rotoroa by Amy Head

Rotoroa is the story of three quite different people who all end up in the same place for a while. The time is significant: New Zealand in the 1950s, post-war, emerging rock and roll, six o’clock swills, the bridge going up in Auckland and mushroom clouds appearing over atolls in the South Pacific.

25 Jun 2018

Red Clocks by Leni Zumas

Eivor The Explorer, born in the Faroe Islands in 1841, makes revolutionary Arctic discoveries but is forced to publish under a male colleague's name. Ro, The Biographer, struggles to write Eivor's story and conceive a child before the law changes making her efforts illegal. Susan, The Mother, loves her two children but can't compete with The Perfects. Is it grass fed beef or grain fed that she's supposed to buy? And why did she choose to have children when she could have gone to law school?

25 Jun 2018

The New Ships by Kate Duignan

Peter Collie is mourning the death of his wife Moira. In this fragile state he discovers that he was ignorant of much of Moira’s past, and even of her recent life. The tense relationship with his son Aaron, Moira’s biological son that he has fathered since birth, is almost at breaking point. And he makes some very bad decisions that threaten his career as a lawyer in a prestigious Wellington law firm.

14 Jun 2018

Endangered by Eliot Schrefer

Endangered is a Young Adult novel: Sophie, 14, splits her time between the United States, where she lives with her father, and the Democratic Republic of Congo where she visits her Mother in the holidays. Her mother runs a Bonobo sanctuary out of Kinshasa. Sophie is pretty savvy about the dangers and corruption in the Congo, but that doesn’t stop her paying a trafficker for an infant Bonobo on the way from the airport to her mother’s sanctuary, a Bonobo she names Otto.