14 Mar 2019

Newcomer by Keigo Higashino

Detective Kaga has only just arrived at the Nihonbashi precinct, when the body of a woman is discovered in her apartment building. While his more by-the-book colleagues are stumped at the apparent lack of evidence, Kaga realises that the clues are not in the big picture, but in the minutiae of the crime scene.

25 Feb 2019

Rain Fall by Ella West

Rain fall is set in rain-soaked Westport, amidst mine-closures and the decline in dairy prices. The town in depressed; the residents trying to make the best of things. But when 15-year-old Annie misses an important basketball game when her mate’s house across the street blows up while surrounded by the Armed Offenders Squad, and it looks like her Dad’s job might be the latest victim of the Stockton Mine staff reductions, and when she meets a rodeo star, things are never the same again.

25 Feb 2019

Make a Hard Fist by Tina Shaw

Make a hard fist is an extremely powerful YA novel about the physical abuse of young women. It is edgy, scary and yet empowering. Lizzie Quinn is doing well, well apart from a hiccough in her relationship with a boy she just wanted to be friends with, and he wanted more. She is doing well at running, loves pizza, has some great mates, and is saving to buy a Volkswagen Beetle off her uncle. But then she starts to receive weird one-line messages in the mail. She thinks it might be one of the spurned boy’s silly mates – but she isn’t sure.

25 Feb 2019

Stall Turns by Penelope Haines

Stall turns is the third in the Claire Hardcastle mystery series and starts with Claire and her detective boyfriend Jack Body having a well-earned break. They are on their way to help with the Labour Day Weekend sheep muster on Jack’s uncle’s remote sheep station in the King Country. Sounds fun, but what Claire hadn’t envisaged was the dead bodies, the earthquake, the flood, being buried alive, being drugged and left out in the bush to freeze to death or having to pilot a sabotaged plane!

25 Feb 2019

Shadows of the Mind by Owen Clough

Shadows of the mind is the second book in Clough’s Whispers of the past trilogy. This installment follows the story of Samuel McInnes (Mack), who was bundled away from New Zealand on the HMS Esk while still unconscious after an affray in Auckland in 1863. He regains consciousness on board as Lieutenant Samuel Mack, with no memory of who he is or where he is from, with an unidentifiable accent, a head full of peculiar vocabulary and extraordinarily prescient ideas.

25 Feb 2019

Wedlock by Denis Wright

Lucy has a mixed life: She is more-or-less the only capable adult (at age 15) in her family, living with her aging-rocker Dad and ex-prize-fighter Grandfather, who is living with Parkinson’s. She has some mates and manages to negotiate the bullies and avoid the lecherous older boys and teachers. But one day her life takes a massive veer off course, when she is abducted into a cult.