27 Dec 2017

Artemis by Andy Weir


I loved Weir’s geeky but gripping The Martian, and Artemis is a great second novel, this time with the brilliant but flawed Jazz Bahara as the character in all kinds of trouble, who has to use hard science to survive numerous dangers.

Artemis Book Cover Andy Weir

Jazz moved to Artemis, the sole lunar city, when she was six years old. She is a disappointment to her father – having become a porter rather than a member of any of the other trades he knows she would excel at. And to make matters worse he knows she earns a bit on the side through illegal imports. She negotiates her world in fine style, always eluding deportation and just scraping by. But she does want a very specific, large, amount of money, and when she is offered the chance to earn it, she accepts - and all sorts of things start not going well. Artemis has great characters, lots of action, heaps of science, and a really interesting take of the politics and social set up of an off-world colony.