18 Jan 2018

Birds, art, life : a year of observation by Kyo Maclear


Maclear, an author, is looking for enlightenment, or maybe just a way to get through the time as her father becomes more ill. She turns to a new hobby - bird watching - and in this finds solace, insight and both questions and answers to life's mysteries and quirks.

birds art life 9781501154201 hr

I really enjoyed, and relished, this book. It has interesting insights into the bird world and the human world and I enjoyed both. There are some excellent passages and one-liners that will stay with me for a while and I know that I will likely return to this book a little way down the track to tap into Maclear's wisdom once again. Maclear's writing style is chatty but not fluffy, very readable, at times poignant and at others laugh-out-loud funny. Perhaps a great book to start the year with.