1 Nov 2017

Midnight at the Bright Ideas Bookshop by Matthew Sullivan


Lydia Smith is trying to escape her violent past by disappearing into her job at the Bright Ideas bookstore, minding her 'Book Frogs', a group of homeless men who spend their days in the warmth of the store. Late one night, Lydia comes across the body of Joey, a young Frog Lydia was especially fond of.

midnight at the bright ideas bookstore 9781501116841 hr

In his pocket is a photo of Lydia's 10th birthday party, a photo she has never seen before. Lydia sets out to unravel the mystery of Joey's parentage, her connection with the dead man, and in doing so, must confront the violent secrets from her own dark past. Matthew Sullivan has produced a twisting, turning, brilliant who-done-it for his debut novel, which serves as a reminder to never judge a book by its cover. It is sure to go down as one of my top picks of 2017.