31 Aug 2021

Tableland by Ray Salisbury

Being a keen tramper myself with Kahurangi National Park on my doorstep, Ray Salisbury’s book ‘Tableland’ is a real treasure for me. Ray is the great-great grandson of John Park Salisbury whose brother Thomas discovered the Tableland in 1863. I love the fact that the author is connected to the land through family and is a keen tramper himself.

TABLELAND cover 300dpi scaled

I also enjoy the format of the book as some of the larger scale photos really reflect the vastness and wild beauty of our second largest national park.
Numerous trips into the national park have led me to many of the places mentioned in the book and I even have met some of the people. There are hidden gems, stunning views, dramatic landscape and unique wildlife to discover on the Tableland and in the park.
Historic huts, neglected mine shafts, old trails and more traces from the past can be found when tramping in the area. Learning more about the history, looking at the old photos and reading stories from the past and present is fun and enriches my experience.

I can’t wait for lockdown to end and to go on another ‘walkabout’ into Kahurangi National Park and on to the Tableland. For now, the book helps me to escape harsh reality and dream up my next adventure.