31 May 2018

The Fountain in the Forest by Tony White


This is novel inspired by the French avant-garde - with a mandated vocabulary whose exponent was Oulipot - and a structure based on the French Revolutionary calendar.


Not appealing? Well, on another level it is a gripping police procedural crime and murder novel looking at embedded policemen in "terrorist" cells in the UK and France. Or, it can be described as a political and social commentary on police and political brutality and its impact on counter-culture - set between the end of the miner's strike and the Battle of the Beanfield in the UK, in a commune in France and a contemporary storyline of continued Police brutality and racism. All together I found it a very engaging and fascinating novel. In some areas the structure of timeslips and the mandated vocabulary was not sufficiently seamless, but as a whole it was brilliant - helped by being a novel of "my time".