19 Oct 2020

The Space Between Worlds by Micaiah Johnson

Imagine a world where multiverse travel between different versions of Earth existed - but the only people who can travel are those who have already died in those other worlds.

The Space Between Worlds

Right from the start, this novel sets out stark divides - between the scientists and engineers who come from privileged backgrounds and are held back from travelling between Earths, and those who can travel because, well, their lives in other worlds have tended to end early and badly.

Cara, it turns out, has been really good at dying in other versions of Earth. And she has her own secret, as she travels between Earths, collecting data for the corporation to measure how well their Earth is doing in comparison with other Earths. Until suddenly on one of those Earths, things quickly get a lot more complicated.

Far from a light read, with references to domestic abuse and harsh divides between different groups of people, it flowed easily through parts that may have been heavily burdened by the weight of the plot otherwise. Cara is an interesting, complicated and flawed character who I nevertheless cheered for throughout.

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