21 May 2018

Alignment by Tracy Chollet

Isabeau Martin is a lonely, insecure woman whose life has been shaped by a deserting father and chronically depressed mother. She is asthmatic and grew up with the standing stones of Carnac as her only friends, avoiding other children, and sharing her thoughts with a massive menhir called the Manio giant. After her father left, her mother took Isabeau away from Carnac. At the start of this novel she has returned after her mother’s death and taken up the post of the Carnac Deputy Postmaster. She is still shy, reclusive and asthmatic, and hoping to discover what happened to her father.

16 Apr 2018

Baby by Annaleese Jochems

Cynthia, 21 but looks younger, thinks her dreams have come true when she takes off with her dog, her beautiful yoga instructor and her Dad’s money. She buys a boat called Baby to live on off shore from beautiful Paihia, and cuts all ties with her friends and relations – what could go wrong?

10 Apr 2018

The Stakes by Ben Sanders

“And it’s like: you know on kind of a formal level that there’s laws, but then when you’re actually on the street and see it through their eyes, you realise it’s just dog-eat-dog, same as everything else” – even the cops don’t have a clear line on right and wrong in Ben Sanders’ latest novel, The stakes, and most of his characters are conflicted, confused and making their moves “So you feel the strange weight of the strange moment”.

26 Mar 2018

Autumn by Ali Smith

The first in a four part series – Seasonal – exploring “what time is and how we experience it.” This is Autumn – a time of fruitfulness and decline.

26 Mar 2018

The Glorious Heresies by Lisa McInerney

Lisa McInerney is a young Irish writer, who also runs a blog post as the Sweary Lady. Reflecting this, her first novel isn’t a lilting Irish tale, but a hard hitting story of the underbelly of Cork life: of drug dealers, prostitutes, alcoholics and cultists.