19 Mar 2018

The Cage by Lloyd Jones

Two strangers arrive at a hotel in an unnamed and unplaced town. They need help, but before providing help, the townsfolk want to know who they are and what has happened to them. If the strangers can’t provide that information what are the townsfolk to do?

13 Mar 2018

Into the World by Stephanie Parkyn

Into the World is an historical adventure on the high seas with great characters and an interesting plot. From the beginning of the novel, when Marie-Louise Girardin brands herself and her infant son before leaving him to the fate of an orphan and fleeing France, we are drawn into her story. What could drive a woman to do such a thing?

9 Mar 2018

Tinderbox by Megan Dunn

A memoir, and a book about writing a book, about the future of books, about women in books, about a movie of a book, about selling books - Tinderbox is all of these and is wonderful!

28 Feb 2018

Manhattan Beach by Jennifer Egan

I read Egan’s prize winning A visit from the Goon Squad with a detached fascination – an intriguing experimental novel. This book is very different and I thoroughly enjoyed it. It is a fascinating historical novel in its own right, but one with a narrative structure that tries to reflect how the individuals themselves discover the “real story”, rather than as a flowing narrative, while also reflecting the cultural perspectives of the period with the whole almost being immersed in the rhythms and power of water, which plays a huge part in the novel.

27 Feb 2018

The Martian by Andy Weir

If your interest in mathematics is more ‘the pretty patterns that Newton’s cradles make’ end of the spectrum rather than ‘the how much coal will it take a train to get from Wellington to Auckland if it uses blah blah blah’ end – you will want to ditch this book quite early on – BUT DON’T!