15 Aug 2016

Something is Rotten by Adam Sarafis

I loved this book from when one of the wheeler dealer characters arrives back from London and as he makes his way towards the Beehive muses how he is now “Smack in the centre of power”. This New Zealand is the one emerging from the Panama Papers, the one where politics, big business and the media are in cahoots, and one where something is definitely rotten.

1 Aug 2016

The Mistake by Grant Nicol

Nordic noir with a kiwi twang!  The Mistake is a great jigsaw puzzle of a murder mystery.  A terrible car crash on a snow-covered lava field; nine years later in Reykjavík a man blacks out and when he comes to, discovers he is near a woman's mutilated body - what is the connection?

22 Jul 2016

Trust No One by Paul Cleave

Paul Cleave’s Christchurch Noir thrillers are all set in a nightmare Christchurch of murder and mayhem. Trust No One is too – but this time the nightmare is internalised in Jerry Grey – a thriller writer with early onset Alzheimer’s and a dark alter ego: his pseudonymous Henry Cutter.

21 Jul 2016

Starlight Peninsula by Charlotte Grimshaw

I just want to be able to say I asked’ – Eloise Hay is reeling after her husband has left her for a younger woman; lacking in self-esteem she is seeing a shrink and the bottom of a lot of empty wine bottles.

21 Jul 2016

Cold Hard Murder by Trish Mccormack

Philippa Barnes, glacier guide and amateur sleuth is back – but global warming means glacier guiding is no longer a promising career, so she is maintaining tourist tracks for DOC in Paparoa National Park.

21 Jul 2016

American Blood by Ben Sanders

Want a good old American thriller with cops and killers with ice in their veins and a confusing line between right and wrong? – American Blood is for you, and it is written by Kiwi author Ben Sanders.

18 Jul 2016

Inside the Black Horse by Ray Berard

“What had changed so abruptly to discard logic and calculation?”, Brian Duncan, an ex US undercover cop and now a NZ PI, asks this of himself as he heads off into the bush alone at one point in this fast paced thriller – but many of the characters might ask it many times through the story.

27 Jun 2016

Whispers of the Past by Owen Clough

Whispers of the past is a good old Boys’ Own style yarn about three blokes, Bob (‘Brill’), Shane (‘Grunt’) and Sam, all decorated heroes and best mates, who go off on a DOC pig-culling trip in the Tongariro National Park in 2014. 

25 Jun 2016

Made to Kill by Adam Christopher

A mash-up of sci-fi and noir, Made to Kill is set in a stereotypical US where the Hollywood star system rules, Kennedy is in office, the enemy is ‘the Reds’, guy wear tight white t-shirts and gals hang out in ice cream parlours with soda fountains, and PIs wait in their small offices waiting for the beginning of a plot to walk through the door. And the mash-up? Christopher’s PI Ray Electromatic is a robot…