Be swept up by compassionate and sympathetic characters, strong and irresistible love interests, and a journey of emotional tension and release. Enjoy a "happily-ever-after" ending of real life love and romance where relationships are laid bare onto the page.

Classic Romance

Love stories from the turn of the century! Austere women harbouring secret desires, pretentious men with a secret heart of gold, and society playing obstruction to true love - these books and authors are where Romance all began.

Contemporary Romance

Does anyone have time for love in this hectic modern world...?? The characters in these contemporary romances juggle real-life problems - family issues, career demands, and sudden changes - all the while looking for love. In these stories, there's always time for love.

Royal Romps

Follow a romantically enamoured character through a journey of sweet romantic gestures and unimaginable splendour. The peasant girl that makes good, and the fairytale that comes true – these are engrossing romances that will sweep you up in the pomp and magnificence of royal life.

Australian Rural Romance

Discover stories of second chances, homecomings, with romance and relationships that will flourish or flounder under the extremes of climate and isolation. Family and community are at the heart of these tales and you'll smell the dust and feel the sun - the Australian rural life is right on the page.  

Erotic Fiction

Steamy, spicy, and very very sexy! If you enjoy provocative storylines, delightfully titillating encounters dripping with subtext, even some truly fleshy hard-core sex scenes with copious naughty words you may enjoy Erotic Romance novels.

Romance Fiction - New Titles

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