Science Fiction

A portal to the future starts right here within these lists. There's alien worlds, adventure and romance, galactic politics, and stories of survival in the most lethal environments. Be transported and boldly go...

Space Opera

Visionary galactic storytelling in all its glory! The Space Opera is vast and uncompromising. An epic quest for righteousness and a fight for survival against evil odds, or a sweeping voyage of exploration and politics among the stars - there's a certain elegance in a good Space Opera! Start here with these books and authors...

Military and Hard Sci-Fi

Packed with science-fact these Science Fiction titles will show you what life would be like in the space-marines. With plausible technologies and visionary scope, regime and structure do battle with initiative and honour as these brave galactic sailors “boldly-go” and take us along with them!

Exploration and Adventure

Encounter dangerous new worlds and intriguing alien races, face unknown perils in the depths of space and use every ounce of ingenuity and a scientific mind to escape. These stories are thrilling and adventurous and thoroughly thought provoking as humankind expands into the outer reaches of the galaxy. This type of Sci-Fi does exactly what is says on the tin!

Feminist Sci-fi

Female writers and feminists have been expanding the horizons of SF literature for centuries, questioning our assumptions around gender, reproduction, power and race, and more recently imagining the future of climate change. Octavia Butler, one of the giants of SF literature, coined the term “visionary fiction” to “distinguish science fiction that has relevance towards building newer, freer worlds from the mainstream of science fiction, which often reinforces dominant narratives of power.”

Dystopian Fiction

Humanity at the brink! The world as we know it has ended, and whatever the cause, there is now a fight for survival. These books and authors will explore what it takes for the human race to not only survive but thrive - and of course there will be the misguided human element and the want to control and take advantage of these new worlds for selfish gains... will we last?!?

Science Fiction – New Titles

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