Interloans policy

Nelson Public Libraries are part of the National Library's Te Puna interloan scheme, which means that we will supply to, and can borrow from (on behalf of our members), any New Zealand or Australian Library which is part of this scheme.

The Library has reciprocal agreements with the National Library, libraries from the region and with public libraries throughout New Zealand. These agreements allow lending and borrowing free of charge. Nelson Public Libraries pass on a small administration charge and postage costs to its members who use the service.  Items borrowed from libraries outside the reciprocal agreements will incur a higher charge.

What we will lend to other libraries

Nelson Public Libraries will lend (to other libraries which are part of the interloan scheme):

  • All books from its lending collections which are more than 6 months old
  • Magazine and newspaper articles (the article only will be copied and sent)
  • Multi-item material
  • Documentary DVDs that are two years old or older

Nelson Public Libraries will generally NOT lend via interloan:

  • Reference books
  • Talking books
  • DVDs of films, music and TV programmes
  • CDs
  • New documentary DVD's (less than 2 years old)
  • New books (less than 6 months old)

The Libraries may make exceptions to this general rule on a case by case basis

Loan periods and renewals to other libraries

  • Items are loaned for four weeks (from the date of posting).
  • Items may be renewed for 3 weeks beyond the due date (when there are no other customers on the waiting list). 
  • We only renew interloan items once, and do not renew if an item is already a week or more overdue at the time of renewal request.  If the item is overdue the renewal is two weeks from the due date.   

What we will borrow from other libraries, on behalf of library members

  • As a general rule our borrowing from other libraries will reflect what we are prepared to lend to other libraries (see above).
  • However, we will try to borrow material, which we may choose not to lend, from the National Library - which collects material on behalf of New Zealand. This covers talking books*, language tutor 'multi-items', DVDs of films, TV programmes etc, non-fiction DVDs less than 2 years old, music CDs less than two years old.
  • *Talking books are only available from the National Library for reading-disabled clients.
  • We do not interloan items we have in our collections, i.e when they are not available because they are on loan.

Loan period and renewals (interloans to our members)

  • Items received on interloan are issued to Nelson Public Libraries' members for three weeks (from the date of issue to the customer).
  • Items may be renewed for a further 3 weeks with the agreement of the lending library.