8 Jun 2018

Celebrating Women Authors - Kamila Shamsie wins Women’s Prize for Fiction

kamila shamsie

This week we saw the announcement of this year’s winner of the Women’s Prize for Fiction, Kamila Shamsie for her book Home fire. It seems a good opportunity to also celebrate a few of our fantastic New Zealand women authors!

This year Catherine Robertson endeared us with her lovely novel of beachside town New Zealand, Gabriel’s Bay, full of stories, and stories within stories, with everything beautifully woven together. Last year, Megan Dunn blew us all away with her Tinderbox, a memoir, and a book about writing a book, about the future of books, about women in books, about a movie of a book, about selling books.  For a complete change of pace we had Brynn Kelly winning the 2017 KORU Published Romance Book of the Year Award with her Deception Island, and then she followed it up with Edge of truth, another raunchy, adrenaline roller coaster ride!   Mandy Hager made us think about the biggest mystery of them all – how half the world’s population ended up subjugated by the other half – in her Heloise, and Stella Duffy dealt with similar themes in a completely different way with her The hidden room. Michaelia Arathimos hit us with her Aukati – framed around the story of Isaiah, a part Māori returning to his home marae, and Alexia, a law student fleeing from her Greek family’s expectations, both of whom are caught up in protests over the use of tribal lands.  Another evocative New Zealand novel was Elspeth Sandys’ Obsession, asking why people become obsessed with places, things or other people?  And last year was the year of the wonderful Beat of the Pendulumby Catherine Chidgey, written using just found words – from conversations, from the Internet, from TV and movies – from a year of her life.