7 Aug 2019

Chromebooks are at the Library


Chrome books

Get excited because we’ve installed Chromestations at the Nightingale, Stoke and Elma Turner Libraries!

Not only do these help you get online faster, but the lightweight models mean we have more devices available to the public.

If you haven't used a Chromebook before here’s what you need to know:

-A Chromebook is a computer which is designed mainly used while connected to the internet.

-These are simpler and cleaner than macOS and more straightforward than Windows. 

-Most data created on the device will be automatically stored online in Google Drive.

-This means you can start a document at the library and open it on your phone, computer or any other device later on.

-The computers use Google Chrome which makes it easy for you to browse the internet, check emails, create and print documents, Skype and check Facebook.

-  In late September we will also be offering Chromebooks. These are mobile computers like laptops. Customers will be able to borrow Chromebook to use anywhere in the library. We think this will give users more freedom and comfort when accessing a computer.

- If you want to learn more about Chromebooks just click on this handy YouTube tutorial.

We appreciate your patience as these upgrades happen. If you have any questions or need a hand navigating the Chomebooks just ask one of our friendly staff.