27 Dec 2018

HotPicks - December 2018

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You dont own me

Clark's fifth light mystery book co-written with Alafair Burke. "Laurie Moran is the producer of a TV show, the purpose of the show is to reinvestigate cold cases by inviting suspects and others involved to be interviewed on camera" -- New York journal of books.

The stranger diaries

A literature teacher specialising in a Gothic writer has her life and work collide tragically, when one of her colleagues is found dead, a line from the Gothic writer by her body. 

A keeper

Norton's second novel, and getting mixed reviews. "A Keeper won’t win Norton the Nobel prize for literature, but it is atmospheric, creepy and impossible to put down" -- The Times.


In the 1930s, in an isolated and beautiful corner of southern Tasmania, Stella arrives at her husband's secluded property - Arcadia. Two generations later, Stella's granddaughter, Sally, and her best friend, stumble over Stella's secret life in the forest.

Lost without you

An author's mother collapses during a book launch and the author, Paige, decides she will wear the mother's wedding dress for her own wedding - but first she has to find it, and in the process discovers her mother's long-hidden secret.

Lambs of god

Three nuns are living an idyllic life in a crumbling monastery when a priest arrives, intent on transforming their paradise into a luxury resort, "affecting and humorous and always absorbing" - New York Times

The lost man

"... an unfolding family drama that will leave readers reeling, and the final reveal is a heartbreaker. A twisty slow burner by an author at the top of her game" - Kirkus reviews.

Kingdom of the blind

 14th in the Inspector Gamache series - "another outstanding Gamache adventure ... Penny simultaneously unspools several suspense narratives, each of them accruing power and threat, faster and faster ..." -- The Washington post.

The Queens colonial

1845, two young men, one in Sydney and dreaming of a life in uniform, the other in New Zealand wanting nothing more than to be out of uniform, meet in New South Wales and are struck by their brotherly resemblance ...

No one can hear you

Zoe is back in her home town for the funeral of her estranged mother, who has apparently been suffering from memory loss and who has left odd notes around indicating that young women have been disappearing from the town. It is only when Faith, a woman with whom Zoe was briefly friends at high school, returns for another funeral, that Zoe starts putting all the pieces of the puzzle together. And the two women set out to find the truth and save the missing women. The plotting is clever and complex and it is a thrilling read.


Living in the desert contemporary houses in the desert

A carefully curated collection showcasing 50 architect-designed houses from the US, Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond. It explores how the extreme terrain and expansive views of these locations allow architecture to shine with a variety of styles from minimalism to a return to ancient methods of building.

Where theres life there really is hope the inside story from the mother of a rehabilitated meth addict

A mother's perspective of the traumas that led to her daughter's addiction to P, and the rebuilding after rehabilitation. A must read for anyone experiencing stress and being overwhelmed by their family members' addiction problems.

Eat well live well diabetes friendly meals everyone will love

Diabetes New Zealand has collected healthy easy recipes inspired by Maori, Pacific Island, Chinese, Indo-Asian and European flavours. Every recipe is suitable for people with Type 1, Type 2, gestational or prediabetes.

Blend the secret to co parenting and creating a balanced family

A manual for families who are experiencing divorce or separation and have dependant children, this book shows parents how to put the children at the centre and come to amicable living arrangements. Blend reassures us that there is a way to reconfigure our families post-divorce in a way that is positive and life-affirming.

Queen album by album

Queen experts and fans discuss all 15 of Queen's studio albums with discussions about the circumstances surrounding the recording of each, the band and the rock context into which they were released. Illustrated with rare photographs from live performances and behind the scenes.

Filming the colonial past the New Zealand wars on screen

A look at filmmakers' fascination with the New Zealand Wars over the last 90 years and how the thinking about race, empire and nation have changed. Today there's a growth of Maori creative control and there are documentaries from Maori perspectives.

The plot to destroy democracy how Putin and his spies are undermining America and dismantling the West

A provocative analysis of Putin's efforts to destabilise and undermine American institutions through supporting right-wing extremists in the US & Europe and how Putin's agencies worked to bring Trump to the Presidency. The book portray's Trump as Putin's puppet and aims to provide a better understanding as to why Putin is a serious threat to US national security.

Fight for the forests the pivotal campaigns that saved New Zealands native forests

The story of how NZ's native forests were saved between 1960 and 2000, in particular the lowland forest of South Westland, the beech forests of the West Coast, the podocarp forests of Pureora and Whirinaki and many others. An inspiring history.

Looking at art with Alex Katz

Alex Katz is a painter and author of previous art books. Here he looks at 90 artists, from Abstract expressionists to the Dutch Golden Age,their place in history, their style and what makes their work memorable or lacking. His aim is to help people look at paintings differently and pay more attention to what they see... 

As you are a guide to letting go of comparison and seeing the good stuff inside

Instead of comparing ourselves with others this book urges us to focus on what energises us and helps us to play to our strengths every day. There are ideas to create daily habits that are kind to the mind and help us to accept ourselves.