28 Jan 2019

HotPicks - January 2019

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From the ashes

A follow up from Challinor's 2007 novel Fire - this is a look at 1950s New Zealand via a number of women and their families in Auckland. It is a time when dementia is little understood and inhumanly treated, where gender identity is totally misunderstood and mismanaged, where women are undervalued, often marginalised and have their work opportunities prescribed by their personal circumstances, and where being Māori often meant you were unwelcome and/or unfairly treated. It is a country where some in the cities are buying refrigerators and washing machines and others are slipping through the mud to get to the outside loo. As each woman navigates the shifting social and cultural landscape of the 1950s, she is faced with new possibilities and decisions.

The mansion a novel

"... a gripping horror novel that uses technology and psychological terror to alarming effect" - Kirkus reviews

Turn of the tide

A volume of short stories all based around the Hokianga and its harbour, legends and inhabitants.

Hazards of time travel

"More shambling than dystopian classics by Orwell, Atwood, and Ishiguro but energized by a similar spirit of outrage" - Kirkus reviews


"Part Sherlock Holmes, part Harry Bosch, Higashino’s hero is a quietly majestic force to be reckoned with" - Kirkus reviews

The woman in the blue cloak

Meyer fans say he is back on form with this thriller, where Benny Griessel is called to a top-priority murder case - unveiling a story that goes back to the seventeenth century.

Heart breaker

"... a curious, memorable novel in vital prose that catapults the reader into a strange and compelling land - The Irish times

Cold case

The 30th Bob Skinner mystery: When a murder investigation that's been closed for thirty years is suddenly re-opened, former Chief Constable Skinner is quickly drawn into the action.

In the blood

A young mother has been accused of the unthinkable: poisoning her own child - she denies all charges and criminal defense lawyer Sarah Kellerman takes on the case.

A place to call home

Ellen thought she'd always live in the remote, coastal village where she grew up, but when her landowner dies, she and her family are forced from their cottage and the future is suddenly bleak.


Spectacle rare and astonishing photographs

National Geographic is known for their breathtaking photos and now we have this gorgeous coffee table book of 200 images chosen by the organisation's editors. It captures unforgettable moments around the world. Natural and man made wonders, phenomena and curiosities all feature - a perfect book to curl up on a sofa and indulge yourself.

Strudel noodles and dumplings the new taste of German cooking

This is a celebration of German home cooking. Wholewheat buttermilk waffles, caraway roast pork and red cabbage, quince and apple slaw are some examples of the over 200 seasonal recipes that are inspiring, tasty and comforting .

Navigators naturalists French exploration of New Zealand and the South Seas 1769 1824

Drawing on primary documents never before translated into English and scholarship from key researchers in this field, it focuses on the key French explorers and scientists who visited New Zealand in the 19th century, de Surville, du Fresne, La Perouse, D'Urville,and others and on their relationship with Maori.

Going to the match the passion for football

This is the story of the 2018 Football World Cup. Hamilton discusses the stories beneath the action and the players and managers that create the magic for spectators.

All that heaven allows a biography of Rock Hudson

Rock Hudson was known for his romantic masculinity in 50s and 60s American movies and for his later roles on television. When he was diagnosed with AIDS in 1985, the illness focused worldwide attention on the epidemic. The author had access to private journals, correspondence and production files and interviewed a large number of co-stars, family members and former companions.

A bikers life

A humorous memoir by British Television presenter Henry Cole who has ridden motorcycles all his life. He believes being on a motorbike makes you part of a community who lives for the thrill of the open road, the adventure and escape.

Love as always Mum xxx the true and terrible story of surviving a childhood with Fred and Rose West

The author, Mae West tells the story of her childhood with Fred and Rose West , the notorious serial killers. Based on memories, research and the letters her mother wrote to her from prison, she shares the story of her abusive and violent childhood and how she has managed to live with the knowledge of what her parents did and why she was spared.

The University of Oxford a brief history

A collection of maps that appear in many storytellers' works plus the maps that inspired them, this is a wonderful book displaying 167 colour maps of adventure, sci-fi and fantasy, nursery rhymes, classics and collectible comics.

The writers map an atlas of imaginary lands

Hone your critical thinking and identify half-truths and challenge them . Fallacies - conclusions that don't follow from their premise, are at the root of most bad arguments. In this clear and concise guide to good arguments gone bad, the authors take readers through 100 of the most infamous fallacies in Western philosophy, identifying the most common missteps, pitfalls, and dead-ends of arguments gone awry

Bad arguments 100 of the most important fallacies in Western philosophy

Oxford is one of the oldest universities in the world. This is an illustrated account of its 800 years from medieval times onwards. It describes the influential people who have shaped its development and helped to create its place as a world class research university