10 Dec 2018

It's a Cat-astrophe!

Join Bastet the Cat Goddess in her adventures, to help stop the evil serpent Apep from plunging Egypt into darkness. Follow her adventures and challenges by reading 20 mins a day over summer holidays. Join the Summer Reading Challenge at Nelson, Stoke or Tahuna Libraries and collect prizes every 10 days of reading!

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Facts and Stuff

The British Museum’s website offers an introduction to temples, pyramids and mummification. It also has Interactive activities regarding Egyptian writing, numbers, games, chronology and geography.

Lots of information on mummies, tombs and the afterlife. Activities include excavating secret messages, planning your afterlife and learning hieroglyphs.

Learn about Rosetta stone and the deciphering of hieroglyphics.

Egyptian history, government, environment, religion, clothing, food, science, economy, people, writing (hieroglyphs), games, art, architecture, wars, and timelines. Advanced information for keen Egyptologists!

All about ancient Egypt, pyramids, temple reconstructions and the pharaohs. This site includes games.

Information on Egyptian geography, history, government, daily life, deities, funerals, and the afterlife.

Online Videos

Online Games