20 Aug 2018

Learn a Language at the Library



Learning a language can be fun, inspiring and a bit daunting at the same time. Luckily we have a range of resources and classes available to help you get a bit of confidence and up your skills.

New Zealand is a pretty special country in that we have not one but three national languages. As part Adult Learners Week we have some great classes on Te Reo and NZ Sign which cover the basics in a fun and relaxed environment.

Deaf Aotearoa will be holding an introduction to NZ Sign on go through the alphabet and a few basic signs. This is a free 20 minute class which includes handouts so you can go away and keep practicing.

We are also excited to have a talk from grammar tutor David Kārena-Holmes, author of ‘Māori language: understanding the grammar = Te reo Māaori : he whakamarama wetenga reo.’ This is a great introduction that break down the grammar and focuses on the main differences between the English and Maori languages. David is a grammar tutor and has recently begun writing a fortnightly series for the Nelson Weekly which outlines the basic principles of grammar in te reo Maori. His experience and approach makes te reo easily digestible for anyone.

Both events are held in the Elma Turner Library activity room and free to attend.

NZ Sign Language Taster Workshop

September 7

2 – 2:30pm

Te reo Māori: Understanding the Grammar – an Introduction

September 9

2 – 3pm


We also have some great resources available in the library for anyone wanting to learn at home. If you attend the classes and want to learn more, grab a copy of ‘N.Z.S.L Illustrated Sign Language Dictionary or the more visual learner will enjoy NZ Sign Language video text which has both a workbook and DVD to help you nail those signs.

We have a fantastic collection of languages books in our Maori collection. Lately we have been enjoying Hemi Kelly’s ‘A Māori word a day: 365 words to kickstart your reo’ and Scotty Morrison’s ‘Māori made easy: for everyday learners of the Maori language’. These are fantastic books for anyone who isn’t sure where to start, and of course we recommend David Karena-Holmes two books which focus on Māori grammar. 

For those of you wanting to go international with your learning we have a wonderful World Language section. This includes books on grammar, CDs to help with pronounciation and fiction printed other languages. Perhaps you want to brush up on Spanish, FrenchKorean, or even Tagalog. You can find our language books, DVDs and CD in the World Language section which is located next to the fiction area in the Elma Turner Library. Make sure to have a browse or ask a librarian if you need a hand finding something, and don’t forget to check out our full list of events for the Festival of Adult Learning Ahurei Ākonga.