21 Mar 2019

Shine-A-Light Interactive Children's Books

shine a light


Have you ever wondered what lies behind the page….. Awaken curious young minds with our brilliant collection of books from the S H I N E – A – L I G H T series, a great way to discover new facts and knowledge.  Delve into the Wonders of our World, discover the Secrets of Animal Camouflage, take a trip to the Space Station or the Hospital, all you need is a torch.

These interactive books venture into the world of non-fiction using suspense and intrigue to create memorable learning experiences offering benefits similar to lift the flap books as they deal with object permanence. Young readers are able to see the surface and the hidden picture at the same time, not to be missed.

See the whole collection on our catalogue here. Remember - it's free to reserve children's books. If something isn't available at the moment you can select 'place hold' on the item. When it becomes available, you will receive a notification and have 9 days to collect it. Not sure how to reserve a book? We can give you a demonstration next time you're in the library.