29 May 2018

Small Time Rhymes: ‘A Smooth Road’ Lap Bounce for Baby

piri small time

We do quite a few different rhymes in our Small Time sessions during the week (we have three sessions at two branches, see here for times). We often start our sessions with a lap bounce or a lap sit. As the name suggests, this type of rhyme is for when baby is sitting in your lap. You can use a rhyme to add interest and vocabulary as you bounce baby on your knee. This type of rhyme can be done whenever you like but might be ideal for distraction if you are waiting somewhere like the doctors. As we say in our sessions, you can either face baby toward you so they can see your face as you say the rhyme or face them out toward the world so they can check out the scene.

We’re Going Down a Smooth Road

We’re going down a smooth road, a smooth road, a smooth road.
We’re going down a smooth road, a smooth road now

We’re going down a bumpy road, a bumpy road, a bumpy road.
We’re going down a bumpy road, a bumpy road now.

We’re going down a rough road, a rough road, a rough road!
We’re going down a rough road, a rough road now.

Uh oh!
Pot hole!

Start the ‘bounce’ slowly and smoothly making a side to side motion. You can then bounce baby up and down during the bumpy road and do a fun ‘rough’ bounce as the rhyme continues (of course this might depend on how old baby is – you are likely to get giggles and squeals of delight from older babies and toddlers). At the end of the rhyme you might want to include a 'pot hole' where you lift up baby or lower them down between your knees.

Feel free to embellish the rhyme however you see fit! We like to add a little story about some of the interesting roads in Nelson or where we might have been on a trip recently. Or feel free to practice fastening your seat belt. You could also try other types of roads – how about curvy or steep?

Let us know what you think – do you have any other favourite rhymes for baby?

We always have bubbles at the end of our Small Time and Story Times sessions - pictured above is librarian Piri delivering Story Time at Nightingale Library in Tahunanui.