31 May 2018

New-Releases this Winter

Winter is fast approaching which means it’s now socially acceptable to hide inside with a blanket, tea and piles of books. Luckily 2018 has an abundance of new-releases just waiting to hit your winter-reading shelf.

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Mystery fans will enjoy Peter May’s 'I’ll Keep You Safe' a thrilling story which begins when a car bomb kills one women’s husband and his mistress. The story looks back on their life together while focusing on the present as the police unravel his murder. James Patterson also has several books coming out this year, including The President is Missing which he co-wrote with former US President Bill Clinton. This is a classic Patterson thriller of a kidnapped president with details only an insider to the White House could know. We are also waiting patiently for the fourth instalment of Robert Gailbraith’s Cormoran Strike series which the author promises to release sometime this year.

Those who want something less harrowing will be looking forward to Erica James’ latest ‘Coming Home to Island House.’ Set in 1939, the story follows an estranged family who are bought together by the illness of their father but reluctant to accept their shortcomings and his new wife. We are also looking forward to 'The Spring Girls' by Anna Todd which presents a retelling of Louise May Alcott’s ‘Little Women’ set in the modern world. And the always popular JoJo Moyes will be releasing ‘Still Me’ which is the third instalment of her popular ‘Me before You’ series.

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 There is plenty of for non-fiction readers too. 'The doomsday machine : confessions of a nuclear war planner' by Daniel Ellsburg explores the hair-raising account of America’s hidden nuclear policy. 'The good mothers: the true story of the women who took on the world's most powerful Mafia' by Alex Perry is another gripping read which captures the stories of women who have escaped the claustrophobic family hierarchy of the world’s most powerful mafia. On the lighter side, Dawn French’s autobiography Me · you : a diary has recently hit our shelves as is being hailed as a funny and touching account of a year in French’s life. We are also looking forward to 'The Little Book of Feminist Saints' by Julia Pierpont, a collection of short, snappy biographies 100 exceptional women dating back to 630BC.

With all these titles and many more there is a lot to look forward to in the library this winter. You can check out the link to see what’s on order and start getting those winter reading lists sorted.