11 Dec 2018

Young Adult Picks 2018 - Part One


YA top picks

Drum roll please - here are our top picks of young adult fiction for 2018 part one! Lucy, our librarian who runs the two Young Adult Book Clubs and our Young Adult Summer Reading Challenge, has picked out her favourite books of the year, reviewed below. This is part one, more to follow in the next few weeks. Have you read any of these books this year? If not, you might be able to include them in the reading challenge - still plenty of time to sign up if you haven't.

American Street – Ibi Zoboi(ebook)

Fabiola and her Mother arrive in America from Haiti, but only Fabiola makes it through immigration. Her Mother is detained and she heads on to her aunt and cousins in Detroit, to their house on the corner of American Street and Joy Road. Life in America isn’t what Fabiola imagined it would be. Adjusting to new foods, cold weather and her cousin’s unique brand of politics, as well as a new school and new boys takes all of her attention and energy, but she is determined to get her Mother out of detention, even if that means betrayal. American Street is a tough look at immigrant life in America.

Eliza and her Monsters – Francesca Zappia(ebook)

Eliza Mirk is the creator of The Monstrous Sea, a hugely popular webcomic. Online she becomes LadyConstellation, confident, outgoing, chatty, smart. But in reality she is beset by social anxiety and loneliness. Eliza has, until now, managed to keep her two worlds separate, escaping into her creation when real life becomes overwhelming. But when a new boy arrives at school, her carefully crafted life comes crashing to the ground. Like Zappia’s first book, Made You Up, Eliza and her Monsters treats mental illness with brutal honesty and compassion at the same time.

Because Everything is Right but Everything is Wrong – Erin Donohue

17 year old Caleb is trapped in a downward spiral of anxiety and desperation. He can’t seem to find his way out of the darkness, and everything is getting worse. The only light in his life is Casey who always seems to be there when he needs it. Young Kiwi author Erin Donohue wrote this book after her own struggles with mental health, and Caleb is an incredibly impacting character. A book everyone should read.

They Both Die at the End – Adam Silvera

Don’t get too attached to Mateo and Rufus, because it’s their End Day and they know it. But the two strangers, who meet on the Last Friend app, are determined to make the most of their last hours on Earth… or die trying. They Both Die in the End is a sweetly thoughtful romance for anyone who likes John Green and David Levithan.