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8 Apr 2020

Full Moon Reads

Stuck inside for three weeks? Feel like all you can do is howl at the full moon? Try these titles and embrace the full moon crazy…

20 Mar 2020

Your Children's Library at Home

If you and your family are unable to visit the library right now there are still ways to access our resources. Check-out some of the options below and get started on your library at home.               

18 Mar 2020

Accessing Nelson Public Libraries Online Services

This page has a list of all of the online services that you are able to access while the library is closed. Most services will require a library membership and PIN to access. If you don't know your PIN, you can reset it online, or by contacting us. If you do not have a current membership, please visit this page to join, and select Digital Only membership. 

6 Mar 2020

March Newsletter

Read our current newsletter to find out what's happening in March. Don't miss the launch of the Auckland Writers Festival on the 19th of March. 

13 Feb 2020

New in the Children's Library

Who is Greta Thunberg? Where does my plastic toothbrush end up? Why do some women wear hijab? What is consent? What's the difference between a paddle crab and a hermit crab? Our wide and ever growing range of children's books addresses many of the questions children, both young and old, might be asking today. Check out these shiny new children's books which delve into some important topics with a light touch.