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17 Jul 2018

Digital Spaces for Children and Youth

It’s the mid-winter school holidays. If you have children or teenagers at home, chances are they will be spending some of their time in front of a screen. In this post we share a few suggestions for websites that might be deemed more productive than social media or videogames. These resources will also be handy during term time, for research and school projects. The following websites include some of our own in-house apps and resources, and some topical third party websites that we like for their engaging and stimulating nature.

16 Jul 2018

Family History Month 2018

Discover places, resources and people who can help you discover your family history, or inspire you to explore the past in which your ancestors lived.

2 Jul 2018

At Your Library - July 2018

We have something for the whole family these holidays with Starlight Stories, escape rooms, crafts and the very first Nelson Public Libraries Family Feud!