Conditions of membership

These Conditions of Membership may change, and any revised conditions will be displayed on this page. You are deemed to have had notice of such changes from the date of posting on the website, and agree to be bound by the amended conditions while you are a member.

Your responsibilities

  • To comply with these Conditions of Membership.
  • To comply with the Nelson Public Libraries' Copyright Policy (211KB PDF).
  • To provide personal identification and proof of residential address when you join.
  • You are responsible for your library card and all items borrowed on your card.
  • Guarantors are responsible for the supervision of children/young people under 18.
  • Guarantors are responsible for children/young people's use of the library, their library cards, all items borrowed, any charges or fees incurred, and the content of materials chosen and/or viewed.
  • Guarantors are required to agree to comply with the Conditions of Membership.
  • Return borrowed items in good condition.
  • Pay replacement costs for lost or damaged items. Replacement items cannot be accepted.
  • Please do not attempt to mend items yourself.
  • Pay all library rental, extended loan, and other charges and fees incurred.

Please remember to

  • Bring your library card on each visit.
  • Contact us if your card is lost or stolen. You are responsible for items borrowed before the loss is reported. A charge for replacement cards applies.
  • Contact us with any change of address, email address or telephone number.

Things you need to know

  • Items kept beyond their due return date incur an extended loan charge per item per day, payable when items are returned. We do not renew items.
  • You are unable to borrow if charges on your account total $20 or more.
  • Borrowing may be restricted for those under 18 whose guarantors owe more than $20 on their own library accounts.
  • Library membership may be cancelled after two years if you haven’t used your card.
  • In submitting a membership form, you acknowledge the following:
    • I agree to information being passed to a debt collection and credit reporting agency should I default. In recovering money I owe, any costs incurred in the pursuit of this debt will be added to my account.

Privacy Statement

1) Your application for membership provides personal information about you to the Nelson City Council. The Nelson City Council collects that information to enable accurate records to be maintained as to the identity and contact details of library members, and for statistical purposes to record the use made of library material. In submitting this application for membership, you agree that the Nelson City Council may use that information for the purposes of:

  • managing your library membership including the maintenance of your records, advising you of outstanding items, recovering outstanding fees and charges and;
  • if you are under 18 years of age, contacting and discussing with your guarantor, parent or guardian any matters arising from your library membership.

2) The information may be given to other sections of Council apart from the library and also to a credit agency in the event that Nelson City Council has to take action against you for recovery of any payments due and owing by you to Council in respect of your library membership.

3) You agree that library staff may contact you by post, email and telephone, including leaving automated telephone messages, and that the Nelson City Council will not be liable for any other person being able to access any mail, email or telephone messages sent to you.

4) The personal information collected as part of the information provided in this application for membership will be held by the Nelson City Council. You have the right to access that information and request changes to it at any time during normal office hours.

5) By law, you do not have to provide the personal information requested. However, if you do not supply the information requested on the application for membership form, then the Nelson City Council library may not be able to process your application or provide you with membership.