25 Aug 2020

Changes to Kanopy

The number of free films per month will come down.

Kanopy web image 0

This year Nelson Public Libraries began offering films for our community through Kanopy, and we are pleased to say it was incredibly successful – our community certainly loves their films.

However, due to its popularity, we have needed to review our subscription to the service and reduce the amount of free films and courses we can provide customers each month.

From September 1st, the following changes will take effect:

  • The Play Credits for each customer will reduce to 5. This means you will be able to watch 5 free films per month.
  • Only 1 of The Great Courses will be able to be viewed per month, per customer.

These changes will allow us to keep the costs of providing Kanopy manageable, and we will be able to continue to provide Nelson with a great selection of films to enjoy in the comfort of their homes.