26 Aug 2021

Celebrating National Poetry Day on Friday 27 August - Online!

We are celebrating National Poetry Day online! Check out the Nelson Public libraries Facebook and Instagram pages to check out some poetry, settle in with a cuppa and watch the poetry readings from poets in Nelson and enjoy these poems by that elusive Anonymous

Roger Lusby presents readings from poets in Nelson for National Poetry Day


Lockdown Poems


Poems by Anonymous:

Business Plan

Born in late twentieth century

In a cradle all packed with products and gifts

Future western consumer

Show your face to the market

Youth's such an easy prey

Innocence to be knocked into shape

We make sure you'll bite the bait

And enjoy


TV queens and movies stars

In fancy clothes and expensive cars

Fill your brain with fashion needs

Arouse your greed

You'll claim for autonomy

The lifestyle of a wanna be

Pestered parents provide the cash

Avoid the clash


G8 spender with no buying power

e-communicator, frantic internetter

You freak out for technology

It gives your life some intensity

If you'll provide our database

With your tastes and details, your gender and age

We'll greet you with 1000 points to start

And a golden credit card


Time sped by and you're old and broke

Just come by have a seat and talk

The doctors say you're in good shape

Well, listen mate

Sell us your eyes and your kidney

For a good price click on e-Bay

Death's another juicy business

It can make you rich, yet posthumous



Like A Spinning Ball

I’m a boy I am 18

This world is mine

Like an open scene

A pair of jeans

And I will be fine

I hit the road in summertime


The air is hot

I have no goal

I carry on like a spinning ball

From town to town

I get a drink and a little food

God life is good


She passed me by

Thought I was lost

She found me cute

Took me in her ute

What happened there

Is written everywhere

Just a little bit of tender love and care


A starless night, pack on my back

A floodlit place

I jump off the truck

I read a sign

Welcome here, the city of youth

Sounds good to me


May this journey last forever

May the wheels of fortune, turn forever


I am a man, I’m 108

I’m still around

Not out of date

I’ve seen the world and the human race

All the colours and their faiths


I’ve seen destruction and disgrace

Met holy people all around the place

I still don’t get what drives us all

And carry on like a spinning ball



You, who’ve never know men

A bunker underground

Women behind bars

Her secret is the key

A siren set them free


A never-ending quest

In time and in space


But no one else to see


Delusion and disease

Her blade set them free

She ends up alone

A bunker is her home


A notebook and a pen

A solitary den

She feels inside her womb

The tumour and the tomb


You who’ve never known men



Remember Then

Far from this land

A land not far away

Far from this time

A time a leap away

Hovering around me

Rushes of my memory

Butterflies waiting to be caught

When I’m gazing

Just gazing

A siren’s hand, leads me through my years


A noise or a smell

A light or a sentence

They all cast a spell

There is no resistance

Whatever I do

Wherever I find myself

Slowly my focus slips away

And I’m gazing

Just gazing

A siren’s hand, leads me through my years


You too my friends

You all did surrender

So don’t pretend because

This song will drag you

To the land of your memories

To your long forgotten years

When you’re gazing

Just gazing

Ariadne’s thread through your galleries




I see a child, alone in the lounge

His eyes stick hollow to the screen

While his mum, gets dressed, prepared for the night

The sound will cover up the screams

And again, this tune will flow in his head

Echoing melody of some prophetic man


I see a man, like a stone at his desk

His eyes gaze empty at the screen

While his phone gets filled with dates and playmates

His home is cemetery neat

And again, this tune will flow in his head

Echoing melody of some prophetic man


I lie alone in this hospital bed

My eyes stare sadly at the screen

While my hopes, my dreams are drifting away

I sense the lady with the scythe

If I could, I would remove from my mind

The scenes of others on the screens

I would turn my life in a colourful tree

There she is the lady with the scythe

One last time, this tune will flow in my head