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17 Mar 2021

Tuku 21 Libraries Programme – People, Stories, Places

Nelson City Council’s yearly Heritage Festival has been renamed to better reflect Nelson’s rich and varied cultural past.

Tuku21 Landscape White Box


For bookings email us or call us on 03 546 8100.

Date Time Event Library
Tuesday 23 March 8.15-9.45am Heritage Research class (bookings required) Stoke Library
Thursday 8 April 9.30-11am Heritage Research class (bookings required)

Elma Turner Library

Saturday 10 April 1.15-3pm Waterways & Place - Stories workshop (bookings required) Stoke Library
Saturday 10 & Saturday 17 April 10.30-12pm Your Today is tomorrow's history - writing workshop ($10 both workshops) with Ro Cambridge (bookings required) Elma Turner Library
Wednesday 14 April 5-6pm Learning Wikipedia – A New Editor Attempts to Improve the Entry for Cawthron (bookings required) Elma Turner Library
Sunday 18 April 2-3pm Friends of the Library talk - heritage of Nelson's Pottery: a collector (John Hewstone, a potter (Christopher Vine) and an expert (Vic Evans) in conversation Elma Turner Library
Tuesday 20 April 12-1.30pm FamilySearch - hidden gems Michael Higgins – Regional Manager Family Search (bookings required) Elma Turner Library
Wednesday 21 April 10-11am Retro crafts - Hand sew your own pin cushion 7-12 years (bookings required) Elma Turner Library
Wednesday 21 April 12.30-1.30pm Inscriptions from Time: A dramatisation of a historical mystery performed by young people of Nelson Elma Turner Library
Tuesday 27 April 10.30-11.30am Pūrākau - Legends of Te Tau Ihu : stories, crafts, waiata Elma Turner Library
Thursday 29 April 6.15-8.15pm Your Today is tomorrow's history - writing workshop (cost $5, bookings required) Stoke Library
Friday 30 April 10-11am Retro video games - Nintendo, Pacman & more (bookings required) Elma Turner Library

Other things during Tuku 21

  • Life in the Bubble - glass cabinets Elma Turner library, Artefacts collected by the Nelson Provincial Museum: 1 April - 16 April 2021.
  • Waterway  Stories Display – collecting stories of Poormans Stream at Stoke Library, and of the Mahitahi at Elma Turner Library
  • Heritage Buildings quiz – collect a quiz from your library (Elma Turner, Stoke, Nightingale Memorial) or download it here:

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