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Interested in exploring a new genre? Or maybe you have a favourite and just need a few new books to read. Explore our genre reading lists to get inspired. 

20 May 2020

Award Winners Autumn 2020

While we have been at home in our bubbles, authors around the world and in New Zealand have been scooping up some prominent awards (even if ceremonies and announcements have taken place on Zoom and YouTube). You might feel a bit out of touch with the publishing world after two months away from the library and the stream of new books – this is a great list to get reading again. We are now open so you can start reserving items and making lists of your must reads.

23 Apr 2020

Australian Rural Romance

Tired of being cooped up inside…??
Embrace the outdoors of rural Australia and be swept away by the stories within these pages. There’s home-coming stories, second chances, romance, and good old down-to-earth roots-y satisfaction. Lose yourself in the fulfilment of regular people finding their place in the world.

22 Apr 2020

Favourite Female Authors - Video Review

Check out our YouTube channel and our latest series of videos - Shelf Isolation. Kate and Dan share their favourite pieces of fiction across a wide range of genres. Need some reading ideas? Look no further.

16 Apr 2020

Full Moon Reads

Stuck inside for three weeks? Feel like all you can do is howl at the full moon? Try these titles and embrace the full moon crazy…

16 Apr 2020

Fantasy Fiction

Are you a Fantasy Fiction reader looking for a sweet series to sink into during our isolation period?