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NOFOMO Film Festival

Welcome to the NOFOMO Film Festival!

We love Kanopy, but sometimes it’s not simple to decide what to watch, especially when you have over 30,000 films and documentaries to choose from. But help is at hand with our ongoing NOFOMO Film Festival – every week we’ll be hand-picking our favourites and sharing them with you – so you’ll have No Fear Of Missing Out on great films.

Get started with our featured film below, or click here to see the list of all the previous films from the Festival.

Featured Film

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The Endless  

Two brothers escape a “UFO cult” but struggle to live normal lives. They dislike their jobs, are behind on payments and haven’t made any real friends or relationships.

One brother convinces the other to go back after they receive a strange videotape. One last visit for closure reveals something not quite right and it’s not until they decide to leave the reason unveils.

The Endless has hints of my favourite show Lost, and I felt unravelling this mystery to be very satisfying.

How bad can the cult life be?

Reviewed by James

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Previous NOFOMO Film Festival Featured Films

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Finding Vivian Maier 

 An intriguing documentary about a woman who spent her life taking beautiful photos that were only discovered after her death. As her work is assessed by the art world and increasingly appreciated by the general public, the documentary maker seeks out information about who this woman was and tries to answer the question ‘why did she take these photos and then never show anyone?’ 

Reviewed by Clare


Rosalie Blum

A charming, warm-hearted French comedy of Vincent who leads a life of quiet desperation until a chance encounter at a grocery store one day. The cast of characters are quirky and varied but totally believable, which makes for a wonderfully entertaining movie. If you have never watched French cinema before this is a wonderful start.  Highly recommended. 

Reviewed by Diana

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A stunning film from Aotearoa following two young people recently released from separate institutions for reasons that will be drawn out across the story. Superbly shot in the mountain regions of NZ it uses silence to incredibly good effect. Two lost souls drawn together under their own different and difficult circumstances. A great piece of kiwi cinema. 

Reviewed by Dan

Kedi (2016) - IMDb


A delightful documentary which showed at the International Film Festival in Nelson a few years back. A city explored through its very colourful cats. The city is Istanbul, and if you have been there, or dream of being there, this is a wonderful way to conjure up the character of the place and its people. It is occasionally a bit cute, but overall a lovely feel-good film for these times.

Reviewed by Nicola