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Ebsco Australia/New Zealand Resource Centre
A searchable collection of articles in electronic form

Ebsco Australia/New Zealand Resource Centre

A searchable collection of articles in electronic form

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What is Ebsco Australia/NZ Resource Centre?

This database has a collection of Australian, New Zealand and International magazines, newspapers, newswires and reference books including 84,774 full text biographies, plus an Image Collection of over 453,000 photos, maps and flags.

If you already subscribe to a magazine or newspaper you may want to check the Publications list to see if the title is included in this database. General interest magazines, many publications about recreation, parenting, cars, pets, gardens, sport , fashion, health and more are found here. For example:

Several academic journals are available in full text and back issues of several years are available to download, such as

It is particularly useful for its full text coverage of NZ newspapers, for example it includes:



The Nelson Mail

From June, 1997

Dominion Post

From January, 1995

New Zealand Herald

From December, 2001

The Press

From June, 1996

Current issues are available in full text a week after they are published and many have copies from 1997 until the present.

Not everything from magazines or newspapers is indexed, therefore searching within a website or the print version of the publication may be required.

For current information within the past week a search engine like Google may be more effective.

Why use a database?

  • The source of the information is authoritative
  • Material is stored and accessible in fulltext for several years
  • Material has been through an editing process and verified

Search tips

The following tips will ensure that the results of your search are relevant and useful.

Narrowing results

Results may also be restricted to newspaper or magazines by clicking the appropriate heading on the left hand side.

The date range may be selected using a sliding scale on the right of the page.

Using the articles

The results of a search may be printed, emailed or saved to a folder. See the help screen for more advice on how to do this. The folder option is particularly useful if you are studying or doing research on a particular topic and need several articles on the same subject. It can be set up from the database but needs to be saved onto your home computer as the public computers in the library have their history cleared daily.


An Alert service is easy to set up from the database. If you need or want to know when new material is published about a particular topic, current event or organisation you are interested in, the results will be emailed to you. This is easy to set up from a result list or the publication list. Click on the orange RSS feed icon and follow the instructions. Again this must be done on your home computer.

See the Help link on the opening search page for more information

  • For a general search with more than one keyword:  place an AND between the words,  eg Nelson AND beaches, earthquake AND Fiordland.
  • When searching for a phrase place quote marks around it , e.g.:
    "cathedral square"
  • Sort the result list by changing the 'sort by' to relevance rather than date order unless you require the most recently written articles displayed at the top
  • When the results must be from or about New Zealand, make one of the keywords Zealand.
  • Consider variable spellings for American English eg color, flavor, behavior
  • If searching for a particular article from a particular publication, click on the Publications tab at the top of the page, write in the publication or choose from the A-Z list then select the year and month.