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25 Aug 2021

Angelina by Gerard Hindmarsh

From Stromboli to D’Urville island…what a life changing journey for 16 years old Angelina!

Angelina 300dpi

Angelina grew up and lived on the tiny volcanic island of Stromboli until she and her husband Vincenzo set sail in 1906 to travel to the other side of the world.
She was only 8 years old when her parents decided that she would have to marry Vincenzo in another 8 years. Vincenzo was her cousin and twice her age but unfortunately, she had no choice but to marry him.
Vincenzo left Stromboli in 1897 to sail the oceans on an adventurous journey to New Zealand and joined up with his brother on D’Urville island to help him in establishing a farm. He would return to Stromboli to marry Angelina when she turned 16, and together they returned to D’Urville island.
Angelina had no idea what life on D’Urville island would be like for her. She had already faced huge changes in marrying and travelling into the unknown but there would be more to come. Despite all the hardship waiting for her she also grew stronger when she started sharing her struggles with a high-born Māori woman who lived nearby.

What I like about this book is that the author, Angelina’s and Vincenzo ’s grandson Gerard Hindmarsh, has brought a piece of New Zealand history to life. Angelina and Vincenzo share their family and pioneering story in describing their experiences from their own point of view. I felt that I got to know them better and better with every chapter I was reading and was literally drawn in to their story.