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22 May 2017

Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi

Two sisters are born in contrasting situations in what is now Ghana.


One marries a white British slaver, setting herself and her son up in a life of relative comfort and wealth, while ignoring the trade that allows her that comfort. The other sister is captured, sold into slavery and shipped to the boiling hell of a Mississippi cotton plantation, separated from her Mother, then her own son. The impact of their disparate starts in life is felt throughout the generations, as one family prospers in Africa, becoming Royalty, whilst battling the demons borne of an immoral trade, and the other plot their escapes north, to freedom and a future for their children. Homegoing is passionate and harrowing in turns, casting an eye on an oft over-looked part of history. Gyasi is Ghanaian by birth, but was raised in Alabama, and is well suited to telling such an expansive and contrasting story.