29 Dec 2021

Stronger by Poorna Bell

Challenging the stereotypes that women are meant to be weaker and less physically able than men, Poorna Bell started her journey to become a powerlifter at age 34 after struggling to lift a mattress following the loss of her husband.

10 Sep 2021

The Exiles of Asbestos Cottage by Jim Henderson

Imagine living in isolation for about 40 years – not because of a pandemic – but for the cause of love and freedom.

When Annie and Chaffey met and fell in love in Timaru in 1908, Annie was in an abusive marriage and had two sons and Chaffey was divorced from his first wife. In 1913, they chose to hide away in Asbestos cottage, a very basic, small hut, isolated in the remote backcountry of Northwest Nelson where they would be living for about 40 years.

9 Sep 2021

Cross Stitch for the Soul by Emma Congdon

I love this new offering from Emma Congdon – Cross Stitch for the Soul.
20 different sayings / reminders to inspire and encourage. Even if you never get around to lifting a needle the book is an interesting browse for the sayings alone.

31 Aug 2021

Tableland by Ray Salisbury

Being a keen tramper myself with Kahurangi National Park on my doorstep, Ray Salisbury’s book ‘Tableland’ is a real treasure for me. Ray is the great-great grandson of John Park Salisbury whose brother Thomas discovered the Tableland in 1863. I love the fact that the author is connected to the land through family and is a keen tramper himself.