Influenza and Health In Focus

Use the library resources to find information on a range of health issues.



The general area for resources on your body, health and medicine is 610-618. Use the library catalogue to find specific subjects and resources.



We hold a range of magazines, most of these are at the Elma Turner Library:


Online Resources

For further research, the library subscribes to some online resources, which provide current, quality research information about health and medicine (note - from outside the library you will need to use your library barcode number):

Health and Wellness Resource Centre
Includes the Gale Encyclopedia of Medicine plus full-text magazines, journals, and pamphlets from a wide variety of authoritative medical sources - plus links to other useful sites, and, in the Healthology area, health and medical video content and physician-authored articles.

See their information on fighting the flu  and swine flu ("swine influenza"), plus the new Evidence based Influenza Information Portal (for clinicians, nurses and patients).

The general databases from  Proquest, Ebsco and Gale also provide a wealth of information on health issues. See what Ebsco's Australia New Zealand Reference Centre has on swine flu in New Zealand (search "swine influenza" and Zealand).


Have a look at our list of recommended health websites.


Information on swine flu - H1N1

From 2010 the NZ seasonal influenza vaccine will contain the pandemic (swine flu) strain – this means that immunisation from pandemic influenza will be part of the seasonal influenza programme; the annual influenza immunisation programme usually runs from March to June.

Find further information about swine flu from the following resources:

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