Book a Librarian

Do you need help navigating your new device, want a personalised reading recommendation, or an introduction to our research and heritage resources? Book a free, 45 minute session, at a time that suits you (inside our opening hours), with one of our friendly librarians. We can help with:

  • Basic computer skills such as searching the web, sending emails or setting up your smartphone
  • Staying safe online
  • Job searching, updating your CV or navigating government websites
  • Troubleshooting on your device
  • Accessing our various online newspapers, ebooks, audiobooks, magazines and cinema
  • Getting started with family history or other types of research
  • Finding your next great read – and learning how to use our catalogue or app so you can keep track of your account
  • Finding appropriate reading material for children in your care
  • Help with schoolwork, research or exam preparation 

We are able to offer assistance via email, over the phone, or through a virtual meeting on Zoom if you are unable to come into the library. To book a session, use this form.

Please try to provide as much information as possible about your request - for example, the subject of your research, the type of device you need assistance with, and so on. If you are conducting family history research, please tell us specifically what we can help with. 

Book a Librarian sessions will be held at the Elma Turner Pop-Up Library, Stoke Library, or Nightingale Library Memorial. Alternatively, we can arrange a Zoom session.

What days are you available? (optional)
How can we assist you?