Quiet Hour

A modern library can have a lot going on with programmes, computers, noise, and bright lights. We are working towards making out library more welcoming for people with hypersensitive conditions such as anxiety, Autism, intellectual disabilities, dementia, or other neurodiverse conditions by making it a less stimulating environment.

Sensory Map

Our Sensory Map identifies areas of the library which might be overstimulating during our regular opening hours. This could be due to noise, sound, people, or patterns.

This map can be downloaded before visiting the library space and we do have copies available in the library itself.   

Quiet Hour

Every Tuesday morning, Elma Turner Library holds a Quiet Hour from 9.30-10.30am and on the second Sunday of every month from 1-2pm.

This involves dimming artificial lighting, turning off public computers, suspending noisy activities, having sensory toys and furniture available, and minimising sound where possible. 

You can still check-out items from the front desk and one of the self-checkout machines, and books can be returns at the after-hours slot by both library entrances.

Quiet Hour is for all library visitors who would enjoy a more peaceful library. It is especially designed for people with different needs to visit and benefit, so please be respectful by switching off phones and keeping the space quiet and welcoming for them. 


Sensory Kits

Sensory toys and equipment can now be borrowed from the library with two new Grab & Go bags. These are full of items that help to relax minds, encourage creativity, and support learning in people with neurodiverse conditions.

Find them in the Elma Turner Library or place a hold through our library website.