Elma Turner Library is currently closed but you can collect your books from the Library Kiosk at Civic House

9 Jun 2022

Elma Turner Library Closure FAQs

We understand you may have questions around the temporary closure of the Elma Turner Library and have put together a list of FAQs to help you.

Library staff can be contacted on library@ncc.govt.nz if you have any further questions or concerns.

Why is the Elma Turner Library closing?

A recent inspection found the ceiling tiles in parts of the library weigh up to 11kg and these could pose a risk if dislodged during an earthquake due not being properly restrained. We are closing the Library on the basis of the initial inspection as a precaution while we learn more about the nature of the risk and whether steps can be taken to mitigate the risk. This cautious approach is because this is a community facility that has vulnerable users.

Can I view the engineering report?

At this stage we only have an initial assessment of the inspection, the report is currently being produced. As soon as this report is finalised it will be shared with the public.

Is the building safe?

Elma Turner Library is considered structurally sound with a NBS rating of 42%, which means it is not currently considered an Earthquake Prone Building. This assessment was carried out in 2013 and did not consider the ceiling tiles. After Civic House was recently declared an Earthquake-Prone Building due to its ceiling tiles, we decided to check other Council buildings. We are working through the implications of that inspection and what it found.

Why are library staff working in the building?

A number of staff continue to work inside the library at this time to ensure continued access to the collection and more options available for delivery of services. Those that are doing so have chosen to work in the building and are aware of what to do in the event of a seismic event. Unlike the public areas of the library, the office areas have sufficient furniture, such as desks, to provide cover in the event of an earthquake.

When will the library reopen?

We want to reopen this building as soon as it is safe to do so. We are now working through what our options are in order to do this.

What about the area around the building and is it safe to be around the area?

The exterior of the building does not pose a risk, and it is safe to pass through the area.

Where else can I go to access Justice of the Peace services?

Please visit the Found directory to access alternative venues and contacts for JP services.

Will you be extending branch library hours and opening suburban branches on Sundays?

We have extended the hours at the Stoke and Nightingale libraries to make our services more accessible.

Both libraries have books, DVDs, magazines, children's items, toys, puzzles, computers, printers, and friendly staff to help with any queries you might have.

What do I do if I have items on loan?

You may hold on to library items for now if you would like or you can return your items. The returns slot at Elma Turner Library remains open, and as it is outside the building, there is no risk with using this. We are auto renewing all items currently on loan from all branches.

If you need to return items to us, you can drop them into any branch library. The Elma Turner Library book drops remain open.

I have an item on hold at Elma Turner Library. Can I pick this up?

Elma Turner Library holds can be collected from the library kiosk at Civic House, Monday to Friday, free of charge.

Can I place a hold on an item in the Elma Turner Library?

Yes. Elma Turner Library holds can be collected from the library kiosk at Civic House.

What about Interloans?

Our inter-library (Interloans) service will continue to operate as normal. Items can be collected from the Library Kiosk at Civic House, Stoke or Nightingale libraries. The charge for Interloans varies ($5-$20) and will still apply.

Will I be charged overdue fees if I don’t return my items?

No. We stopped charging overdue fees in 2021

Can I still borrow items from the Elma Turner Library?

Yes. If there is something specific please place a hold or if you're after a selection you can use our Click and Collect service.

I use the library for Wi-Fi, internet access or printing. What other options are there for accessing these services?

Wi-Fi is available throughout the Central City. Wi-Fi and printing services are available at Stoke and Nightingale libraries.

The library team has been helping me with a research project. What happens to that now?

Our staff will continue to respond to enquiries received via email or phone. You can contact our team via library@ncc.govt.nz or 03 546 8100, or fill out a Book a Librarian form.

What can I do online?

Lots of stuff! Our eLibrary resources are available 24/7, including eBooks, eAudio, eMagazines, online databases and streaming services. We also offer book a librarian.

Will the Libraries Home Delivery Service still be running?

Yes. Home Delivery is continuing as normal for existing Customers and Volunteers. For any further enquiries on this, please contact Home Delivery direct on:  homedelivery@ncc.govt.nz or phone 03 546 0412.

What are we doing to support our more vulnerable library users?

Many people in our community access the library for reasons beyond books and computers. It may be that someone needs to access a warm space or simply to be around people to reduce their feelings of social isolation. We are reaching out to key social support groups in Nelson to explore outreach initiatives which support some of these communities.

We acknowledge that a physical space is really important. We are looking at options to offer alternative library services in the Central City. Please keep an eye on our websites and social media channels for updates.

In the meantime, we encourage users to make use of the Stoke and Nightingale Libraries both of which have extended opening hours.

How can I keep up to date with what’s going on?

We will provide regular updates through the following channels: - Nelson City Council website ,emails to library members and updates through our Libraries newsletter (You can subscribe to this via the library website) - Nelson Libraries and Nelson City Council Facebook pages

You can continue to contact our Library team directly via library@ncc.govt.nz or 03 546 8100.