Due to weather events Elma Turner Library Pop-Up and Stoke Library are closing at 4:30pm Wednesday 17 August.

8 Jul 2022

Family History Month at the Library

August is Family History Month and the Library has a number of resources and in-person help to help you dive into your past. 


Visit from the Nelson Genealogy Society (Ancestors’ Attic)

The Nelson branch of the New Zealand Genealogy Society will be available to discuss Family History at a free drop-in session.

Saturday 6 August
Stoke Library
10am - 12pm
No bookings required.


Online Resources

We have historical resources which are useful for genealogists, including the Nelson local newspapers from 1842 to present day, and access to Ancestry.com. The Library also produces Bloodline, a listing of local and relevant national organisations and online services which have resources for family historians. Find a full list of what's available on the Heritage page of our website. Resources for researching whakapapa are listed on our Maori Research pages.

Book a Librarian

For one-on-one help with genealogy, everyone is encouraged to Book a Librarian. This is a 45-minute session for any family history research you may need guidance with. Book through our website, phone (03) 546 8100, or ask when you are next in the library.


We are revisiting some of our favourite family fiction to celebrate the month. Click through to read our reviews and find these titles in our catalogue.
Barkskins is an epic whopper of a novel, spanning generations, from the 1690s, to the modern day, from Canada to China, New Zealand, the USA and Europe.
Booth traversers characters, landscapes, and the bulk of the civil war as it follows a typical American family in the 1800s.
Pachinko begins in the early 1900s with the marriage of a South Korean couple, and follows the next four generations of family to end in Tokyo during 1989. History and setting aside, this is ultimately a story about a family which is something we can all relate to.
Homegoing is the story of two sisters, both born in Ghana, but who lead very different lives. While one marries a white British slaver, setting herself and her son up in a life of relative comfort and wealth, the other is captured, sold into slavery and shipped to the boiling hell of a Mississippi cotton plantation.


Library staff will be sharing their family history with a display of family heirlooms with their stories. You can watch these on the Curio screens in our branches, and on our YouTube channel. 


Do you have a story to share about your family history? Send them to us directly via email library@ncc.govt.nz  or submit them to The Prow website