18 Mar 2022

Library Art: Pilgrimage of Loss



Beautiful art works are now on display around the Elma Turner Library. 

These 12 pieces are titled Pilgrimage of Loss and come together to tell the story of how climate change has impacted our native birds. 

They were created by local artist Barbara Nicholas who said: 

"The birds of Aotearoa New Zealand have been impacted by human occupation and colonisation.  We’ve hunted them, cleared bush, drained swamp, burnt tussock lands, supplied feathers to European fashion, and introduced predators. And now the impacts are being amplified by the climate change. 

I made these quilts to process my grief at what we have lost, and the losses still to come if we do not make the changes climate change calls for.  And in centering the birds, I reminded myself that we are ‘guests’ in this land. The birds were here first."


 You can see these pieces throughout the fiction end of the library and learn more about them with our interactive Curio touch screen.