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3 Aug 2022

The Community Read

Join us this month for a Community Read.

The Good Wife of Bath is an unlimited BorrowBox title throughout August, meaning you can download the eBook directly to your device without any holds queues or waiting time. 

We will be reading along with you so look out for posts and questions about the book to share your thoughts in this online book club.

In the middle ages, a famous poet told a story that mocked a strong woman. It became a literary classic. But what if the woman in question had a chance to tell her own version?

Set in England, 1364, The Good Wife of Bath follows Eleanor as she is married off at aged twelve to an elderly farmer. Eleanor quickly realizes it won't matter what she says or does, God is not on her side--or any poor woman's for that matter. But then again, Eleanor was born under the joint signs of Venus and Mars, making her both a lover and a fighter.

Aided by a head for business (and a surprisingly kind husband), Eleanor manages to turn her first marriage into success, and she rises through society from a cast-off farm girl to a woman of fortune who becomes a trusted friend of the social-climbing poet Geoffrey Chaucer. But more marriages follow--some happy, some not--several pilgrimages, many lovers, murder, mayhem, and many turns of fortune's wheel as Eleanor pursues the one thing that all women want: control of their own lives.

You can find it by downloading the BorrowBox app to your device or searching our catalogue.